Save time of your employees and clients. Convey key information in a packed form.


Within just 3 minutes you can present a project, present a strategy, perform training or sell a brand-new product.


Use of audio, verbal and visual perception altogether makes comprehension easier.


Does the support staff know the company’s strategy? Do they understand their own role in achieving the result? An explanatory video will allow you to reach out to every person and convey the essential strategic ideas. Such type of vision synchronization reduces opposition to changes, clears up motivation, engages employees in productive cooperation. Here is an example of a video related to the strategic aims of a national nuclear company.


Management based on values takes appears to be replacing the goal-oriented management. Companies are trying to build strong corporate cultures. How do you convey values and transform words into something more than words? How do you find inspiring words able to change the habitual patterns of behavior? Stories from the company’s experience about the choice of values told by the employees themselves form a base for the corporate mythology.
Here is an example of a video about the value system for an international mining and smelting company.


Learning videos upon request that can be watched right at the place of work. It allows you to cut time expenditure on training, adds up to more efficient absorption of new maternal. The microknowledge package of training courses, or “byte-sized learning” technology leads to a substantial economic effect due to the cut in time expenditure usually spent on correcting low quality work and control of employees.
Here is an example of a training video made for a retail chain company.


There is nothing more boring than 10-page long regulatory documents written in formal language. They are not read, and thus not followed. How do you make them work? Visualization and transition into vigorous style help the relevant employees get to know and consequently follow the regulations.
Here is an example of an instructional video for people coming to a new country.


Advertising does not work. Sales videos do not work. What can you do? Make comprehensive offers that contain expert information about the clients themselves. Information about the challenges the clients face. About solutions they have. About pros and cons of every decision they make. Sell your expertise in knowing and understanding the problems of your clients. Develop trust-based relations, which are a key success factor in the world of sales overloaded by information. Here is an example of a sales video for legal services.


No one will understand you if you cannot convey the idea of your project within 3 minutes. A pitch presentation is focused on sending the key message to the target audience of you project by answering 3 questions: What does it change for me personally? How does it work? What do I have to do? Pitch presentations are usually helpful not only during the critical design review stage, but also allow to establish effective cooperation between the teams during the implementation of the project. Here is an example of video about application of BlockChain technology in pharmaceutical industry.


Being the initiator of changes is cool. But a truly strong leader is the one who reaches the logical end of his projects, at the same time creating a base for future development. You need a passionate speech in order to motivate people. But if you want to maintain a certain level of motivation, you need to show the results. An explanatory video allows you to make a short and clear retrospective presentation of the project and its key factors in a way that will make people want to move forward, win and change the world for the better!
Here is an example of a video for a national cellular carrier.


Nowadays interaction with your audience in social networks in one of the biggest trends. Video content is a key factor of this trend. How do you curb expenses on video production? How do you post a new video on a daily basis? How do you make lucid content? Whiteboard animation video is the answer. Our team will help you tune a system of whiteboard animation videos creation.
Here is an example of a video for a national football club fans contest.


Every day is full of events. There is an ongoing battle for audience. Say, you prepared a very promising event. You put everything you got in it, all of your knowledge and your soul. Still, it does not guarantee that people will come. In order to find out that you are good, people need to come. But in order to come, people need to distinguish you from numerous other options and trust you. An explanatory video will convey the worth of visiting your event in a short and clear manner.
Here is an example of a video preview of a motivational contest for the national cellular carrier employees.


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Making whiteboard animation videos is a complex procedure that involves professionals. Coaches, business trainers, script-writers and story-tellers, tech visual specialists and concept developers, video editors and, of course, artists!

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